Screen Printing is a great way to add your logo or product description to a custom portfolio, case, or bag.  Screen printing allows you to keep your cost per unit down, and is best suited for large quantity orders.

Embroidery is the ultimate option for personalizing your custom products. The embroidery process will give your items the most sophisticated and highest quality look. Not only will it look great, but embroidery is also the most durable and longest lasting personalization option. Embroidery is best suited for smaller quantity orders.


Heat transfer gives you the flexibility to work with small or large quantities of custom products. The transfer will give your logo intense detail and give you the option of using multiple colors.

Our state of the art laser cutter allows us to precisely shape different types of plastics, wood, and chip boards.

An automated fabric cutter is the most important machine for a quality sewing operation to have.  Our fabric cutting machine allows us to cut your custom material accurately, quickly, and reliably, each and every time. You can provide us with your own electronic file or we can design one for you.  With the accuracy of our machine, we can guarantee a perfect fit every single time.

Our fabric slitter allows us to increase efficiency and decrease turnaround time on projects when cutting roll stock.

We can set small to large grommets in banners, covers and other products.

When your custom cases, bags, totes, etc. are fabricated with the best in quality, we can ship your items in individual cartons or full skids. You can schedule your own truck to pick up at our loading dock, or we can schedule a pick up and delivery for you with our logistics partners. For larger quantity projects, we can schedule shipping releases of your products over a period of time.

We have been finishing banners and pennant over 29 years.  From small to very large runs we have one of the largest independent banner finishing capabilities in the US. You can trust us to make it right the first time.  Plus, we do not print large format so we are not a competitor!

Send us your predesigned files to begin production promptly. We can help modify your current designs to add features or adjust material and budget requirements.